Southwood Hall Wedding – Ben And Caroline

A beautiful Southwood Hall wedding . . .

I had the honour of photographing Ben and Caroline’s wedding at southwood hall, Norfolk on the 16th of May.  I met them both at the EDP wedding show at Dunston Hall the year before and was beyond excited when they decided to go with me for their wedding photography.  Completely down to earth and laid back, they had their engagement shoot at Wells beach in Norfolk, and yes – they both photographed as lovely as they looked and I couldn’t wait for their big day  later in the year.   I knew that their wedding would be a dream wedding the more I heard about it, stylish and romantic.

Caroline’s beautiful make-up was expertly applied by Emily from love moi make-up and her gorgeous spring flowers from the super talented Samantha Powell of the little flower shop in Norfolk.

The whole day was so much fun – the wedding party and guests all fabulous and friendly, and the staff at Southwood Hall, including Eleanor the wedding co-ordinator were amazing.

Thank you Ben and Caroline for being so lovely and natural all day, and for letting me capture this special day for you both!

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