Fine Art Wedding Photography Shoot

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Held at the alluring Barnsley House last May in the Cotswolds, the Illumanted Collective Workshop was something I was so excited to be part of. Organised by Jessie Thompson (styling), Holly Rattaray and Ashlee Taylor-Barnes (both fine art film photographers), the day was an outstanding, creative feast for your eyes. I absolutely adore shooting on film and we were not only blessed with the location, but with perfect summer light too!

Fine Art photography is all about the light, the details, the styling and the romance. For me, it’s also about capturing your day as you always dreamed it would be captured; in a style that is warm, honest and emotional. The great advantage of this collective workshop was not only to shoot alongside fellow film loving photographers, but also to be able to slow down and trust your artists’ eye more. To think about the whole wedding as art that is unified and cohesive, and then to be able to record the day in this collective way so all the images flow beautifully and timelessly together.

There is some thing very special that happens when photographing in film format, the colours are so luminous and there is a softer look throughout. I shot on a mixture of both film and digital formats, matching my digital images as closely to my film images as possible to keep the look consistent in post production.



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Photographers – Holly Rattary at belle and beau

– Ashlee Taylor at taylor barnes photography

Stylist – Jessie Thompson at jessie thompson wedding and events

Assistant Stylist – Georgia Westwood at westwood design

Venue – barnsley house

Florist – the rose shed

Cake – the natural cake company

Stationery – juliet grace design

Bridal Gowns – Johanna Hehir from the white rose bridal

Hair Accessories – Kelly Spence from the white rose bridal

Jewellery – astlee clarke

MUA – nina norman

Hair – nicholas white

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